We provide every new member a gentle return to fitness program where you’ll learn a variety of exercises and ways to train.

Sibbs Pilates & Training Studio is a brand new fresh and funky training studio that caters to your fitness needs at your convenience. We are not a gym but rather a facility that is run by appointment-only and designed for those who are receiving personal training and classes so you cannot simply turn up to use it at your own time. We have a professional, well qualified personal trainer who has amassed a lot of knowledge in the fitness industry and is living proof that tailoring the right fitness & nutrition plan to an individual reaps massive health benefits when fully supported by a professional

Our sessions and classes are heavily personalised and strictly private. If you do not like joining fees, crowding, squashed classes, wait till your turn to use the equipment gym atmosphere then we are your perfect fit. We have no joining or membership fees, plenty of well priced packages available to our clients. Our ethos is based on privacy as we adhere to a booking only access policy to help our clients feel comfortable and perform their sessions in the comfort of privacy & tranquillity. Our personal training sessions and classes can be tailored to accommodate ladies only sessions as well as men only sessions via our strict booking system when requested. Our personal trainer focuses on ensuring proper form and technique are passed on to all clients without jargon, enabling our clients to learn new exercises & methods of coaching that they might not be exposed to in a regular gym environment. We will ensure you are fully challenged in a controlled progressive manner allowing you to visualise the incremental changes your body is undergoing. We provide this to you through trackable IT fitness programs and applications that provide real time updates. Having smaller numbers increases the attention clients get and infuses higher levels of commitment to workout plans giving clients even better value for their hard earned money.

Our online booking system, available on our website and through the Mindbody mobile application (Android & iOS) allows us to make sure we have the right balance of machines to client ratio to ensure there is no machine hogging nor stray members as everyone will be supervised. Our sessions are electric and fully personalised, if you like private facilities and private sessions where all eyes are on you, join Sibbs Pilates & Training Studio and watch what a difference 2 weeks makes if you are fully committed as we are. Go on treat yourself to the best gift you can give to your body…good health!

Pilates 12 classes per week
CrossFit 8 classes per week
Gym Fitness 15 classes per week
Aerobics 14 classes per week
Zumba 10 classes per week